Analysis of the Booking action: Is it worth buying the company’s shares.

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, many industries have suffered great losses, but the travel market the most, as many countries close their doors to their neighbors and try to minimize the transmission of the virus within individual countries. The result of akcie Booking is a number of well-known and less well-known companies that ended up in bankruptcy, among them e.g. and Hertz, one of the largest car rental companies in the world with more than 100 years of history. However, there are also opportunities to buy cheaper shares of companies that survive hard times thanks to their resilient business model.

Booking Stock

Shares of many great companies fell by more than 40-50% during the deepening pessimism, and Booking shares were no exception, falling to the lowest value since 2015 – to the level of $1107 (-51.65%). Today, the markets are optimistic again due to the global vaccination, they are surpassing historical highs, and even the Booking shares rose relatively quickly. However Analýza akcie Booking, they are still about 15% below their maximum value from last year, and therefore the question can be raised whether it is worth buying them.

Booking – portfolio of brands

Most of us know Booking as the largest online travel agency in the world, through which we book hotel accommodation. However, its business is much larger, Booking also includes other brands such as Rentalcars, Kayak, Priceline, Agoda, OpenTable and Momondo. These brands provide the company with much-needed diversification at the moment, and thanks to it, it ranks among the largest: accommodation brokers in Asia (Agoda), car renters in the world (Rentalcars), search engines and comparisons of travel itineraries (Kayak), restaurant reservation brokers (OpenTable) or travel blogs (Momondo). The platforms of these brands also offer other complementary travel services, thanks to which the Booking company has captured almost the entire industry.

Acquisition of GetaRoom

This is Booking’s second acquisition in the last two weeks, as the company announced on November 12 that it plans to buy the accommodation reservation platform Getaroom for $1.2 billion (€1.07 billion). After closing the transaction, Booking will merge with GetaRoom, which is based in Dallas, USA. Getaroom started as a consumer travel website and still has a traveler-centric business, but today its main focus is on business-to-business partnerships.

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